Sno Biz’s vibrant, true-to-life flavors can now be enjoyed in nine different treats. From frozen coffee to cotton candy, Sno Biz treats go well beyond the typical snowcone.



Sno Biz Bubble Tea!

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Enjoy this popular drink, Sno-Biz-style! The vibrant Sno Biz flavors that you know and love become a summer treasure with the addition of popping pearls.

Light Treats with Bright Tastes

While nutrition varies between treats, most Sno Biz products are low calorie frozen desserts compared to traditional ice cream. Our sugar-free options can satisfy even the most calorie-conscious sweet tooth.

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A Vibrant Variety of Sno Biz Treats



A signature classic, our Sno Biz Shave Ice Treats are light and flaky and can be eaten with a spoon. Each treat is made to order using the finest, flakiest sno and vibrant, true-to-life flavors.

Equipment Needed:

Ice Shaver



Sno Biz Smoothies are made from our enticing flavors and specially formulated drink base. Adding in real fruit makes a great-tasting, low-fat treat!

Equipment Needed:

Sno Biz Blender



What do you get when you combine one of our fifty fantastic Sno Biz flavors with semi-frozen ice? Sno Biz slush! This treat combines the best of our classic shave ice with our fruit drinks.

Equipment Needed:

Frozen Beverage Machine



Sno Biz Shakes lend a new twist to a popular treat. Flavors can be added to soft serve or hard-packed ice cream to create a creamy, sweet treat that goes far beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shake.

Equipment Needed:

Soft Serve or Shake Freezer
Sno Biz Mixer



In coffee, mocha, and vanilla flavors, Sno Blended Coffees are made with real coffee and other quality ingredients. These three creamy flavors will tempt even those who don’t drink blended coffee!

Equipment Needed:

Sno Biz Blender


Sno Biz
Bubble Tea

Sno Biz Bubble Tea, a refreshing twist on the classic beverage. Immerse your taste buds in a symphony of unique sensations crafted with our signature Sno Biz Flavorings, tantalizing Popping Pearls, and Tea.

Equipment Needed:

Sno Biz Blender



The Sno Biz super sundae has everything you could want in a shave ice treat. Hard-packed ice cream, custom-flavored shave ice, and a crown of whipped cream form this crowd-pleaser!

Equipment Needed:

Ice Shaver
Hand Dip Freezer



Our revolutionary Sno Biz Dry Flavor packages can make almost anything–even cotton candy! When sugar is added to a Sno Biz Dry Flavor package and spun, it forms delicious cotton candy.

Equipment Needed:

Commercial Cotton Candy Machine



Add any Sno Biz flavor to soda water to make an old-fashioned soda pop! Thanks to Sno Biz, fizzy and refreshing drinks can come in flavors beyond what a standard fountain offers.

Equipment Needed:

Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser


Drink Mix


Blended Coffee, Super Sundaes, and more!

New Spins on Classic Sno Biz flavors

Our treat engineers have been hard at work to make sure that Sno Biz continues to offer the best variety of shave ice treats! In addition to our fluffy shave ices with their true-to-life flavors, we now offer blended coffee, cotton candy, and super sundaes!

Our blended coffee drinks come in coffee, mocha, and vanilla, and our super sundaes–shave ice with ice cream–are available in our fifty true-to-life flavors.


Cotton Candy and Fruit Drinks

Sno Biz Flavors Move Beyond Shave Ice

Sno Biz’s revolutionary flavor packets can create more than just shave ice treats. With the right equipment and sugar, you can make cotton candy in any one of Sno Biz’s vibrant flavors!

Further, you can now make an old-fashioned pop in more than fifty flavors simply by adding soda water to Sno Biz flavor powder.

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Try our frozen desserts for yourself at one of our many locations! One bite of shave ice or cotton candy; or one sip of shake, blended coffee, smoothie, or bubble tea, and you’ll be a fan for life.


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Sno Biz Flavors Move Beyond Shave Ice

Sno Biz dealers can serve any of these delicious treats in more than fifty true-to-life flavors! With the right shave ice equipment, your options for serving smiles are infinite and profitable. Our start-up kits provide shave ice equipment, marketing materials, and more. Starting a cotton candy, smoothie, bubble tea, or shave ice business has never been easier.