Sno Biz Shave Ice with Creme Topping


An exciting enhancement for any shave ice treat. Sno Biz Crème topping is low fat with no cholesterol and gives greater consistency and storage flexibility over sweetened condensed milk.

Simply add water, shake, and serve!

Nutrition & Allergen Information

At only 90 calories per serving, the Sno Biz Creme topping is a delicious way to make any shave ice treat rich and creamy like much more calorically dense treats. Our Creme topping is made of real ingredients like nonfat dry milk and creamer with coconut oil.


Crank up any flavor with our sour additive! Make a tangy sour orange, a lip-puckering sour apple, or a tongue-tempting sour cherry.

Mix your flavors as usual and add the special sour additive!

Nutrition & Allergen Information

Three ounces of SnoBiz flavored syrup with the sour additive on a standard shave ice is only 100 calories–about half the calories of a similar volume of sour candy. SnoBiz flavors are also fat free and low in cholesterol!

Sno Biz Shave Ice with Sour Topping

Mix and Match to Serve up Smiles

See how to add these toppings to treats and flavors to make delicious combinations!