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Sno Biz® has a flavor for everyone!

Embark on the journey of entrepreneurship with Sno Biz Shave Ice business opportunities. Explore a range of shaved ice packages designed to suit every budget.

Find A Sno Biz®

Are you a Sno Biz fan in the making? There are hundreds of Sno Biz locations across the globe where you can taste-test our delicious flavors for yourself!

Own A Sno Biz®

Already a Sno Biz fan and ready to turn your shave ice dreams into a profitable business?

Explore Our Sno Biz® Treats

With Sno Biz flavors and our commitment to creativity, each of these treats promises to be different from the snow cone you’ve had before. Whether they’re made with sugar free syrup, real coffee, or tasty ice cream, these delicious summer sweets are sure to delight. Available exclusively at Sno Biz locations.

50 Premium Sno Biz Flavors

Whether you crave sweet or sour, light or creamy, fruity or festive, Sno Biz has a flavor for you! Over fifty hand-crafted flavors can be combined to make all sorts of customized desserts.

Shave Ice Treats Make Lighter Sweets

While serving sizes may vary from store to store, Sno Biz Flavors are fat free and only have about half of the calories of standard ice cream. Plus, when you order a sugar free flavor, you can have a whole pint of frozen sweetness for only 16 calories!

SnoBiz Shave Ice flavors
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Open Your Own Sno Biz

If you are looking to start a small business with low start-up costs and high profit margin, look no further! Sno Biz dealers are independent operators who get the benefits of our brand recognition and marketing materials.

All you need is a little capital and a lot of heart. Our affordable start-up packages include our state-of-the-art ice shavers, flavor packets, reusable bottles, serving utensils, marketing materials, and more.

Small Business, Big Heart

Since 1989, Sno Biz has been serving smiles to residents of the United States and beyond. We have over 2,000 dealers in over 20 countries, and each of us is committed to creativity and bringing you the most authentic tasting treats.

We Love Flavor (and the Planet)

When Sno Biz saw that most shave ice companies ship their syrup pre-made in disposable plastic containers, we knew there was a better way. Our revolutionary dry flavor packs massively reduce plastic waste and conserve space in shipping containers, which lessens our overall carbon footprint. Plus, when syrups are mixed in-store instead of in a factory, they taste fresher and are more shelf-stable. Better flavor and better for the environment!

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Customers Love Us

“So many great flavors and the staff is pretty great, too!”

– Lilly Holmes (Moundville, AL)

“Sno Biz is GREAT!! We frequent this location!! Great service, Great shaved ice! We Highly recommend them”

– Leah Kniss (Iowa City, IA)

“Best shaved ice around! Or add a swirl of ice cream on top for a real treat!”

– Sandra Vito (Wauconda, IL)

“Great service, great prices, and most of all delicious summer treats!!!”

– Christie Stephens (New London, MO)

“Always friendly, and they have many flavors to choose from. The shaved ice is very good. I love that they have sugar free options.”

– Olga C (Macomb, IL)

“Holy YUM! I’ve known about this place for awhile now and finally treated myself to some shaved ice…and it was delicious! I can’t wait to go back and treat myself to more of this wonderful shaved ice!”

– Shyanne T. (Macomb, IL)