Starting Up: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Find the Sno Biz contact in your state or the Sno Biz Distributor in your country (international). Fill out and submit the contact form.
  2. Ask your Sno Biz Contact for details, pricing and ordering information.
  3. Write a business plan and check local codes/permits. Find small business resources at Small Business Administration Resources
  4. Decide on your sales vehicle: Is it a store, a cart, a hut, a trailer?
  5. Order equipment
  6. Order products
  7. Order supplies
  8. Complete training
  9. Open for business and discover your Sno Biz profit potential!
own a business


  • Daily involvement and strong commitment to your retail business

  • Careful consideration of site selection in relation to your business goals

  • A thorough understanding of the Sno Biz product line

  • Offering the full line of Sno Biz products

  • A comprehensive business plan


Sno Biz lets you be your own boss and to love what you do! Our turnkey support system and full product line (including Shave Ice Treats, Ice Blended Coffees, Smoothies, Shakes and Cotton Candy) works similar to franchises, but without the fees and royalties in the USA. Sno Biz dealers join an established and broad distribution system with access to training and marketing support.