Help your customer pick their favorite flavor!


We are now offering eye-catching PRE-PRINTED MENU BOARDS!  Each colorful menu board will display sizes, flavors, combinations and toppings. Prices are changeable with a set of included removable stickers. Printed on durable Styrene, a light weight hard plastic, your menu can be easily attached to any surface with double-sided foam tape. Best of all it is moisture resistant and lasts up to 5 years.

12 Flavor Menu                            24 Flavor Menu                            48 Flavor Menu

Starter.pagesMedium.pagesFull Menu









Two Sizes available:                         

SMALL    27”w x 36”h                          

LARGE     36”w x 48”h



BLANK MENU BOARD (27″w x 36″h) Use for hours, specials or your own messages.  Write-on / Wipe-off with dry erase markers (not included).


PRICE STICKER SET Two removable pricing sticker sheets ($1-$6 in .25 increments) to customize your menu boards (indicate SMALL or LARGE)