Sno Biz products build your brand.

Sno Biz cups, spoons, lids and napkins build brand recognition. Potential customers see the Sno Biz logo on a cup in the hands of a satisfied customer, and they know to find Sno Biz for delicious shave ice treats.

It’s cost-effective advertising that reaches your market when they’re most likely to purchase. Our most successful dealers tell us that they know Sno Biz branded paper supplies make a difference in their sales.

Food Containers

4oz.  (1000/CS)
8oz. (1000/CS)
12oz. (500/CS)
16oz. (500/CS)



Drink Cups

12oz (1000/CS)
16oz (1000/CS)
20oz (500/CS)

cup sizes


Dome Lid with Hole 16/20oz for Drink Cups
Straw Slot Lid for 16/20oz for Drink Cups
Dome Lid for 8oz Food Container
Dome Lids with Hole for 12/16 oz for Food Container
Dome Lids for 12 oz/16 oz for Food Container



Multi-Colored Spoons

2014-07-16 11.10.33

Cotton Candy Cones

Cotton Candy Cones