Air Foot Control


115vt Air foot control frees up both hands for making the perfect shave ice. Easy to use and plug in. A must for a long line of hungry customers. Footswitch is not available for DC type shaved ice machines.

Ice Chipper


6 steel points will chip away uneven ice. Comes with a heavy-duty rubber handle. A very ‘sharp’ tool that helps with the block ice.

Quart Pour Bottles


Sno Biz Logo’d plastic bottles are used to showcase and pour flavor. Made of PET Plastic and are easy to get a bottle brush in to clean. Bottles come without the flavor label. Dozen/case.

Pour Spouts


Molded of an extremely soft, flexible material to produce a continuous flow of flavor these pour spouts will last with proper care. Available in blue only. Packed one dozen per bag.

Screen Pour Spouts


It’s nice to have a screen pour spout option when you are outside pouring flavor. Say Bye-Bye to those bees and insects that want a sip of flavor! Packed one dozen per bag. Available in blue only.

Quart Bottle Caps



Snug fit for the Quart pour bottles. Perfect for storage or transporting. Packed one dozen per bag. Available in white only.

Vinyl Spout Covers


Cover the Pour spout with an easy to cap spout cover which aids in keeping the flavors clean and away from any debris or insects. Your health inspector will love you.

Quart Bottle Label Set


The perfect size label to adhere to the quart bottles to distinguish your flavor menu. Comes in a set of all Sno Biz flavors, popular flavor combinations plus 20 blank labels to handwrite for those unique flavor creations.

Blank Bottle Labels


Label your Gallon jugs with write-on labels for the unique flavor combinations.

Gallon Containers & Caps


Made from Durable PET Plastic, these storage containers are how you make the perfect gallon of flavor. The small mouth helps with pouring into the Quart bottle and the handle to grip while shaking vigorously! Packaged dozen/case with Caps included.

Gallon Bottle Label Set


Labels come in a set of all Sno Biz flavors, plus popular flavor combinations. Use to display your stored flavors in an organized fashion.

Gallon Mixing Jugs


Extra wide mouth jugs great for mixing Crème topping, coffees, bases and even flavors. No handle. Comes 4/case. Includes caps.

32″ x 24″ menu board / labels


Do it the easy way! This easy to transport and change menu board is great for events where the prices and menu options change often. Made of rigid, sturdy acrylic, the board will lean by itself, or you can mount it on a hard surface. The vinyl flavor and pricing labels are easy to put on with soap n’ water- A trick from the veterans!

Wire Bottle Rack


Fits 12 bottles perfectly in the durable wire rack with coating. Easy to clean, no assembly required. 13.5l x 12d x 17h (with pour bottle and spout)

Ice Form Bucket / Lid


Freeze the perfect block of ice with our Ice form bucket and lid (sold separately). Each sold separately or in Ready ship sets of 30 pails/lids.

SI-100 Blade

swan 100E bladeSI-100 Blade

If it’s hard to get a good shave, most likely you should change your blade! Blades should be replaced every 3000 servings.