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There S’no Business Iike Sno Biz’ness in Austin, Texas!

 Rachel and Mandytrailer pic

When Rachel Pry and Mandy Felton decided to open a shave ice trailer in the summer of 2013 in Austin, TX, Sno Biz was the first thing that came to mind. The second, calling Alex and Jeannie Bando of Sno Biz Gladys in Beaumont, TX. Rachel and Mandy knew with the Bando’s guidance and Sno Biz Distributor, Ron Peebles’ Sno Biz expertise, their shave ice business would become a success!

The girls met while working at Outback Steakhouse in Beaumont, TX in 1998. After college, they ended up living together in Austin. Rachel met her husband in 2006 and Mandy married his best friend a few years later.

They opened the windows of 512 Sno on May 17, 2013 and have been amazed with the Sno Biz quality, products and service. Their motto has become “Better Partners, Better Friends, Better People” and they try to live by it. Giving back to the community is an important part of their business. The girls decided they would “pay it forward” by donating 100% of their tips to a local charity each month. In a month and a half, they’ve already raised more than $600! Rachel and Mandy are extremely excited about joining the Sno Biz family and look forward to a lifetime of shave ice bliss.


If you or your kids have ever played a community sport, chances are you’ve seen Pandy Hope’s Sno Biz snow cone truck.


Hope has been in the shaved ice business for five years and the concession trailer business for four. “I consider this business a blessing from God,” said Hope. “It’s a lot of fun. I love kids.”

Pandy’s Sno Biz is technically licensed out of Kimberly, but her trailer makes it all over North Jefferson County. Most of her time is spent at youth league sporting events; she typically donates a portion of her sales to the athletic programs for the privilege of selling her treats at the ball fields. She recently helped raise $750 for the Mortimer Jordan athletic boosters.

“I also do birthday parties, grand openings, I go to the splash pad and day cares…I know a lot of kids by heart,” she said. On Thursday, Hope gave a free smallshaved ice to kids who participated in Gardendale-Martha Moore Library’s summer reading program.

Hope said it can be challenging to consistently find good venues for her business.

“Also, when there’s a huge crowd, I have to make sure I give each customer individual attention,” she said. “I’ve seen huge crowds and lines so long you couldn’t see the end of it, but the only person I paid attention to was the one right in front of me.”

Pandy’s Sno Biz has a variety of flavors, and even some creative combinations like “Georgia Melon,” a combination of peach and watermelon. Customers can also get some unusual toppings, like caramel and gummy worms. She even has six sugar-free flavors.

Hope is a member of both the Fultondale and Gardendale chambers of commerce.

By Ben Montgomery The North Jefferson News – Gardendale, AL